Update from The Fresh Cleaning Co.

Domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services post-lockdown

The last few weeks have been truly difficult for so many people. As a business, we thank you for waiting for us.

Now that lockdown rules are being eased, we are beginning to phase in domestic cleaning service. As a business, we are making changes to protect you and our staff.

We are making changes to how we operate but we need you to help us out. If you or anyone in your home displays symptoms of COVID-19, please let us know – this is important so that we can protect our staff and all our customers.

What we are doing differently

We are open for business as per guidelines issued by Senedd Cymru. There are some changes to how we will be offering both our domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning customers to keep our staff and clients safe.

The rules now clarify that professional domestic cleaners can, once again, carry out work in people’s homes providing that;

  • They – and customers – show no signs of coronavirus symptoms
  • Follow the guidance on maintaining excellent hygiene
  • Maintain the two-metre social distancing rule wherever possible (subject tochange)

Coronavirus symptoms

Cleaners and clients are asked to remain vigilant as to the coronavirus symptoms and, if they display any of these symptoms, they are to self-isolate as per Government advice. This may mean we have to postpone domestic cleaning services or replace a cleaner with another member of our cleaning team.We ask that our customers also postpone domestic cleaning services if they experience any of the following symptoms:

  • A new, continuous cough
  • A high temperature
  • A loss or change in your normal taste or smell

The changes we have made

At The Fresh Cleaning Co., we want to offer the same high-quality domestic cleaning services and to do so, we are making changes to how we deliver our services;

  • Our cleaners will be provided with the correct PPE to carry out their job
  • Our cleaning staff will be provided with hand sanitiser products as well as cleaning chemicals that have proven anti-bacterial & virucidal properties
  • We ask that if possible, you vacate your home while our cleaner(s) carry out your regular or one-off clean
  • If you do stay home, we politely ask that you stay in one room and maintain the two-metre social distance and that you are in a separate room to the cleaner
  • We are asking our cleaners to also maintain the two-metre rule
  • Cleaners will wash their hand before, during and after cleaning your home
  • Cleaners are being asked to focus on ‘high touch’ areas e.g. door handles,light switches, countertops and so on
  • Our cleaners may also ventilate a room by opening windows and exteriordoors
  • Cleaning cloths should be washed at a temperature of 60° or more
  • Cleaners are being asked to use warm, not hot or cold, water to maximise theeffectiveness of cleaning products
  • If any of our cleaners do laundry, they are being advised not to shake laundryand soft furnishings such as rugs or bathmatsThe guidelines will be updated as the advice from Senedd Cymru change.

We are very aware that our cleaners work with people who, under lockdown rules, were considered vulnerable and were shielded as a result. But we are also aware that it is these customers who need us most. This is why we have put in place these changes. We will contact customers who fall into the ‘shielded’ category with an update of how we can help them.

Working together

These last few weeks have been incredibly difficult for everyone. We want to thank all our customers, new and old, for remaining patient whilst we work through this new way of offering our domestic and commercial cleaning services.

A clean home has always been important but, as you can appreciate, it is even more important now.

As always, we want to make sure that you get the very best service but recognise that there may be issues as this new way of doing things settles into place.

If you have any queries want to know more, please contact us on 07423 590500. Thank you.